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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The iPad's Biggest Issue

Even as I type this, someone is enjoying their new iPad at the table in front of me. There is no denying that this sleek, innovative product will make a splash in the digital world.

Never before have all these features been combined in such a portable package. Like it or not, Apple is rapidly selling their first model (WiFi only) in stores around the world.

There is only one wrinkle in the iPad's otherwise smooth aluminum exterior. The stock background image used in all iPad promotions is the MOST BORING PICTURE to come out of Apple in all eternity! Everyone knows the classic, nebulous, purple Mac background that has graced our screens for years. The iPad would have benefited greatly from a similar, graphically appealing presentation.

While I'm sure that the mountain ringed lake displayed proudly on the iPad screen is beautiful and breathtaking IN PERSON, I find it prudent to market a device with a background that POPS off the screen.


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Anonymous Michael said...

I disagree. The way I look at it, is that the iPad is a entertainment device for a consumer of multimedia, not necessarily looking for a powerful device with pretty graphics. I see it as a lifestyle. You're chilling on your couch and looking at a pleasing to the eye background, not a crazy nebulous that hides some applications.

I'm sure, however, that the iPad has different backgrounds to choose. How could it not?

9:58 AM

Blogger Paul said...

I don't disagree Mike, I'm speaking from the perspective of marketing. We are conditioned to things that sparkle, I propose that a different background selection would have enhanced the presentation.

I'm sure the background is user customizable.

10:14 AM


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